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How to Fix Google Play Store Issues?


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It is knowing always use Google Play Store apps, rather than sideloading the apps from other sites. But, Sometimes, the installation and update process through the Play Store might not happen as we expect. once you have issues in apps, you’ll fix that using re-install or update. But, What if you face problems within the Play Store itself. We can’t update the Play Store or Re-Install it unless we’ve root access. So Below, I listed all the possible fix solutions for Google Play Store Issues in Android Mobiles. the method will start from simple solutions to advanced levels. Always start from the start. once you can’t get the results, you’ll move to a different step.

Fix All Google Play Store Issues in Android Mobiles

The following solutions supported the matter. So, If your issue matches, then follow the individual fix. Sometimes, you’ve got to settle on quite one repair. All possible fix assumes that you simply have a stable internet connection.

1. Google Play Store Automatically Force Close, Won’t open or show Blank Screen

When you open the app, it “Force close” automatically or Freeze or Show Blank screen follow the below steps.

1.1 Clear Cache and Data

  • Go to Settings and Open “Apps and Notifications.”
  • Choose All apps and Open Google Play Store.
  • Select “Storage.” Then choose “Clear Cache.”
  • Now open the app if you face the issue again, Clear Data too.
  • When you remove data, you have to set up the Play store from the beginning. But you don’t have to worry. It will retrieve the data from your Google Account.

1.2 Check Mobile internal storage

When you don’t have enough free room, Your app can’t fetch from the interior memory. it’ll end in the force close the app.

  • Go to Settings> Storage.
  • You should have at least 10% free memory on your mobile. Example- If your mobile has 64 GB internal memory means, you should maintain at least 6 GB of free space to use your mobile without reduction speed.
  • When you have less memory than this free up some space by uninstalling the unwanted apps. If you have essential photos and videos, try to use Cloud storage like Google Photos.

1.3 Un-Install and Re-Install Play Store updates

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Recent updates could also be a drag causing force close issues. Follow the below steps to uninstall the newest updates.

  • Go to Settings and Open “Apps and Notifications.
  • Choose All apps and Open Google Play Store.
  • Select “Storage.” Then choose “Un-Install updates.”
  • When you can’t find the option, choose to disable it will ask you to back to the factory version? Select yes. After this process enables Play Store again.

1.4 Sideload Play Store Working version

  • Download one version down the Play Store app.
  • Install the app like regular third-party apps installation. When you can’t install the app due to unknown source enable, follow the below steps to disable it.

When you can’t get the working version of the Play Store by uninstalling updates, you’ll sideload the Play Store app.

1.4.1 Steps to activate unknown source app installation

  • Navigate to your device settings menu and select “Apps & Notifications.”
  • Click on the “Advanced” row or click on the “three vertically arranged dots.”

This option varies by devices; some people will see the “Advanced” option, while some will need to click on the dots at the top-right-edge of their screen

  • Click on “Special App Access.”
  • Select “Install Unknown Apps.”
  • Now, tick the apps you wish to grant access to sideload APK files on your Android device.

Interestingly, you’ll revoke this permission at any time you would like by simply turning off the access (following an equivalent steps above).

And this is often it; following these steps, you’ll grant permissions to certain apps on your Android to put in APK files.

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