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Now you can make video calls up to 8 People in WhatsApp Group


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After everyone performing from home thanks to the present situation, Zoom becomes an overnight popular video call app. Nobody expects this hype from a corporation compares with other tech giants who have video call solutions. albeit it becomes a well-liked app, it receives tons of security-related issues. By utilizing this example , most of the opposite video call platforms releasing exciting features to draw in users. Skype introduced no account and application needed, web-based video call service. Google launched Google to satisfy . Facebook announces the messenger can support up to 50 people during a group conversation. Now WhatsApp allows users to form video calls up to eight People during a group call. Previously four people can make a gaggle call.

When does the increased People Video call feature Available in WhatsApp?

The app feature is already available, and it’s out from beta. WhatsApp officially announced this feature on their twitter page. Currently, the eight people conversation feature available only within the mobile app version. So, For online classes, it’s going to not be useful. But making contact together with your friends or small meetings, you’ll utilize it. people that are connected to the group call should have the newest version. WhatsApp has an end to finish encryption and robust security measures . albeit you can’t experience the simplest function like Zoom, it’s going to be an alternate for little group calls.

How to enable 8 People Voice, Video chat calls feature in WhatsApp?

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Update your WhatsApp to 2.20.50 version in your Play Store or Apple App Store. After updating your app, follow the below steps. The people you’re getting to make a conversation also should be within the latest version. Or Else, you can’t connect with them. The steps are an equivalent for both Android and iOS.

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on Calls.
  2. Select Add call icon and choose New group call.
  3. Add people from your saved contacts and choose the video icon.

Many platforms attempt to compete with Zoom. But, People always prefer what they already tried or conversant in . albeit Zoom received tons of security-related issues, People still use the app. Companies like WhatsApp, Google, and Microsoft have better security measures, so once you make a confidential meeting, it’s better to use one among the trusted platforms. once you want to use an easy setup, you’ll try the new Skype web platform. It doesn’t need an account or app to form video calls.
Even if WhatsApp increases group call to eight people, until they roll out competitive features like Zoom, they can’t expect much output. They always limit most of the features that other platforms are offering. Sending Original quality images in Whatsapp is one among them. we’ve to use a document attachment to try to to the method . what’s your experience regarding the new group video call? Did you are feeling it’s enough to end simple work task based meetings? Comment below.

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